Dr. Mac Littlejohn, DVM

Dr. Littlejohn grew up on a pig and grain farm in Elgin County. He graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2002 and started working for the St. Marys Veterinary Clinic shortly after. In his opinion, the merger of the Kirkton and St. Marys vet clinics has allowed the practice to develop and offer new valuable services without compromising the quality of medicine and surgery that their clients are accustomed to. He enjoys the diversity of a mixed practice and is involved in the small animal and food animal aspects of the clinic. Mac’s main area of interest is implementing economical, practical, herd-specific preventative medicine protocols including vaccination and nutrition programs. He feels these protocols are vital to the success of his livestock clients.
Mac services the beef industry of Southwestern Ontraio by providing bull breeding soundness evaluations. He also has a strong focus on barn design and ventilation and recently attended a conference by the University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, Dairyland Initiative Program, "Designing Supplemental Positive Pressure Ventilation Systems for Calf & Heifer Barns and Transition Cow Facility Planning" (visit thedairylandinitiative.vetmed.wisc.edu).
Mac lives outside of St. Marys with his wife, three children, 2 cats, and a rabbit.