Dr. Ken Schiedel, DVM

Dr. Ken Schiedel is a familiar face to anyone who lives in St. Marys. A graduate from the University of Guelph, he began his veterinary career at Banks Animal Clinic in Toronto, specializing in orthopedic surgery.

He returned home to St. Marys to practice with his father in 1969; purchased the business in 1974, built a new Clinic and continued with mixed practice (large and small animal) until 2009 when the business was sold to Kirkton Veterinary Clinic Holdings. Dr. Schiedel remains the surgeon at St. Marys Vet Clinic.
Outside of veterinary medicine, Ken’s passion is hockey and he has coached many teams to championships, beginning in 1968. Some of his hockey accomplishments include three All Ontario teams, three semi-finalists in All Ontario, and two International Silver Stick trophies.
The three sons of Ken, and his wife Donna, have given them the pleasure of being grandparents to four boys and three girls.

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